Known Years of Operation

Jan 1, 1910 - Dec 31, 1922

Number of Seats



Earl Pound, W. Lee Blodgett, J. Boydell

The Opera House was on the second floor of a brick building on Main Street in the little town of Nyssa, Oregon (1). According to news items and advertisements in The Gate City Journal, Nyssa’s local newspaper, the opera house served as a sort of community center in the town. In addition to live theater, and moving picture shows, the opera house hosted dances, minstrel shows, church services, Lyceum courses, graduations, political meetings, and even wrestling matches (Ladies are especially invited!).

Nyssa Opera House ad, July 27, 1911
Gate City Journal, July 27, 1911, p. 2. Historic Oregon Newspapers.


It’s a testament to the relatively small size of Nyssa--449 people in 1910; 563 in 1920 (2)--that one of the theater owners, J. Boydell, also conducted a number of other businesses simultaneously out of the opera house building: as justice of the peace, insurance salesman, real estate agent, and dispenser of hunting and fishing licenses (see below).

Nyssa Opera House ad, Nov. 20, 1914
Gate City Journal, Nov. 20, 1914, p. 3. Historic Oregon Newspapers.


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