Known Years of Operation

Nov 9, 1911 - Jun 1, 1922

Number of Seats



Charles Small, Whiteside Brothers, Corvallis Amusement Co.

The Crystal Theater was located on the ground floor of the Pythian Temple near the corner of 2nd and Madison in Corvallis, Oregon.

It operated as a standard 10 cent theater, with 5 cent prices for children and 15 cent balcony seats. Matinees were held daily from 2:30 to 5:00.

Crystal theater open 1911
Corvallis Gazette-Times, Nov. 9, 1911, p. 1.


Crystal theater map location, 1912
Crystal Theater location, c1912. Digital Sanborn Maps, Corvallis, Oregon, 1912, sheet 12.


Film program at the Crystal Theater, 1911
Corvallis Gazette-Times, Nov. 28, 1911.
Program at the Crystal Theater, 1920
Corvallis Gazette-Times, Nov. 30, 1920, p. 2.


A classified ad in the local newspaper indicated the theater space was for rent in June 1922.

Crystal Theater for rent, 1922
Corvallis Gazette-Times, June 17, 1922, p. 7.