Known Years of Operation

Sep 4, 1908 - May 29, 1911

Number of Seats



J.G. Fleishman, Harry Fleishman, Charles D. Stewart, M. Nudleman, William F. Bernell

The Novelty theater offered a variety of programming but primarily focused on moving pictures while it was actively running.

The earliest advertisement for the theater found in print was September 4, 1908, in the Roseburg Review. The theater was owned and managed by J.G. Fleishmann, who also took on ownership of the Crescent theater in 1909.

A large article featured an upcoming event at the Novelty theater: a soprano by the name of Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson frequently performed in the Dreamland theater in Eugene, Oregon. For this attraction J.G. Fleishman expanded the theater from 125 seats, to 150 seats. This is the only evidence available for the theater's capacity.

Seating capacity in the Novelty theater, 1909
Roseburg-Review, Apr. 3, 1909. (cont'd at right)


Seating capacity in the Novelty theater, 1909
(cont'd from right) Roseburg-Review, Apr. 3, 1909.


The Novelty theater often changed programming content. For the vast majority of advertisements accessed, the main attraction was moving pictures. Later, the Novelty theater's programming included concerts, special events by famed singers, as well as classical moving pictures.

Orchestra at the Novelty theater, 1910
Roseburg News-Review, Feb. 5, 1910, p. 1.


Early program at the Novelty theater, 1908
Roseburg Review, Sept. 7, 1908, p. 2.

As of May 29, 1911, the Roseburg Review reported that the Novelty theater had closed for business. In late June, the building was leased to Robert Connor, who turned the storefront into a “Soft Drink Emporium.”

Novelty theater closes, 1911
Roseburg Review, May 29, 1911, p. 4.
New business in the Novelty theater building, 1911
Roseburg News-Review, June 30, 1911, p. 3.