Research Categories


Construction, design, and features of theaters


Aspects of moviegoing and exhibition specific to children

Local Movies

Films designed to be made and seen in their immediate locality


Where theaters and venues are located within communities

Nontheatrical Venues

Places where films are shown outside of conventional theater spaces

Other Leisure Activities

Community activities in competition with the movies 


The variety of films, shows, and events taking place in theaters

Promotional Strategies

The ways theater owners promoted their programs and venues to audiences

Racial Discrimination

Stories about racial discrimination in relation to theaters and moviegoing


How films and other programming in theaters were received by audiences

Scholarship on Exhibition

Analysis of scholarship on film exhibition and how it relates to Oregon

Woman-owned Theaters

Theaters owned and managed by women    

Theater Workers

The people who owned, managed and worked in movie theaters.

Film Distribution

How films were distributed to theaters and venues.

Censorship & Regulation

Efforts to regulate or censor movies