Known Years of Operation

Oct 5, 1907 - Aug 20, 1908

Number of Seats



Mr. Wolf, Mel Thompson, G.L. Tillard, Mr. Wright

Additional Facts

  • Became the Alcazar in 1908

The Vitagraph started its marketing campaign by placing small mentions in the local Roseburg Review in late September and early October 1907.

Watch for the opening of the Vitagraph, 1907
Roseburg Review, Oct. 4, 1907, p. 4.

These persistent micro-ads were sandwiched in between the other local news of out-of-town visitors, baked bean suppers, and other surprisingly personal small-town news. This was likely a money-saving strategy to put the theater name out into the community before shelling out for a much larger ad for the first big show, which announced "The Best Show on Earth" consisting of illustrated songs and a handful of short films and musical accompaniment by the Grapho-ampliphone.

Vitagraph opens in October 1907
Roseburg Review, Oct. 10, 1907, p. 4.


Vitagraph first ad in October 1907
Roseburg Review, Oct. 5, 1907, p. 4.


Like many movie theaters at this time, the Vitagraph went through a number of owners during its short life. Even so, the theater provided a mix of vaudeville, illustrated songs, live music, and moving pictures. In July 1908 under the management of G.L. Tillard, the program changed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Three evening performances began at 7:30 every day, with daily matinees at 2:30. Admission was 10 cents for adults, 5 cents for children.

Vitagraph for sale, 1908
Roseburg Review, Jan. 22, 1908, p. 3.
Program at the Vitagraph, 1908
Roseburg Review, July 7, 1908, p. 4.


Like many other theatres during this time, a promotional event featured a diamond ring giveaway during an evening showing occurring on March 9, 1908. The ring would be won by the most popular woman in attendance, with “popularity” being declared by the crowd’s applause. 

Diamond ring giveaway at the Vitagraph, 1908
Roseburg Review, Mar. 6, 1908, p. 4.

The Vitagraph's last ad appeared in the local newspaper on Aug. 19, 1908, with a slightly desperate tone, and soon after a news item appeared announcing the opening of the Alcazar in the same space.

Last ad for the Vitagraph, 1908
Roseburg Review, Aug. 19, 1908, p. 3.


Vitagraph theater ad, 1907
Roseburg Review, Nov. 21, 1907, p. 2.