Known Years of Operation

Oct 20, 1914 - Aug 1, 1918

Number of Seats



W. T. Pangle

11th St. Playhouse, located on 11th and Morrison in Portland Oregon offered a wide range of performances, from vaudeville to boxing matches to economic courses, you name it they had it. Cost of admission ranged from twenty five cents to five dollars depending on the event. Events that costed $5 were operas and lower prices were seen in performances like "Her Unborn Child." The newspaper posting of for this theatre mainly showed up on the club activities page and only advertisements for the events coming up were on these pages, not many descriptive text about past performances were found. According to a post from the Oregon Daily Journal, this theatre housed 1400 comfortable seats including floor and balcony seats (4). 

The 11th street playhouse seemed to show many performances of "Her Unborn Child- The Truth About Birth Control" (2). There were many advertisements for this "ladies only" show in 1917 I found at least three different advertisements on (2). Other types of shows that occurred at this Playhouse theatre included a home economics course that was done annually and seemed to be done at least three years in a row (3). Another type of performance that took place at this theatre was boxing matches (4). Many newspaper clippings were found for all these types of events and it seemed as though their promotional techniques were used to advertise to all ages men and women, specifically women for the Unborn child performance. They wanted to get the community more involved with their theatre by providing a wide range of shows to attend. Not only did they want to entertain but they wanted to educate with the use of economic classes and "The Truth About Birth Control," they met everyones needs. 

11th St. Playhouse Theatre signed an agreement August 1, 1918 to replace the theatre with the new Alcazar Theatre. The new manager, C. V. Everett made plans to refurnish the lobby and dressing rooms (1). 

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