Known Years of Operation

Aug 26, 1908 - Dec 31, 1908

Number of Seats



W.M. Rasmus, David Weiser

Additional Facts

  • Formerly the Vitagraph theater

This short-lived theater featured moving pictures and “illustrated songs.” Theater showings for dramas originally cost 25 cents, and were raised to 35 and 50 cents for special events. Programs changed three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, with a matinee every afternoon at 2:30 pm.

The owners promoted the theater with ads and articles in the Roseburg Review newspaper, touting “extra fine showings” in order to attract audiences to the newly opened theater.

The space on W. Cass St. in downtown Roseburg was formerly occupied by the Vitagraph, which is described as located in the Matthews Building at Cass and Rose Streets. The space seems to have continued as a moving picture venue, at least through 1912. Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps are only available for Roseburg for this time period for 1903 and 1912.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of the Alcazar theater location, 1912
Likely location of the Alcazar theater on W. Cass and Rose St., Roseburg. Digital Sanborn Maps, Roseburg, Oregon, 1912, Sheet 7.


Alcazar theater opens, 1908
Roseburg Review, Aug. 26, 1908, p. 3.