Known Years of Operation

Jan 11, 1908 - Aug 31, 1910

Number of Seats



W.H. Fluhart, A.L. Midgley, Billy Empey Van, W.N. Stacy, Mr. Blanchard, Mr. Ellwood
The Bijou opens in 1908
Medford Mail Tribune, Jan. 11, 1908, p. 1.

The Bijou charged the standard 10 cents or 20 cents for admission (about $2.50 and $5.00 respectively in today’s dollars) and changed programs every Sunday and Thursday.

In 1910 the Bijou acquired films from Amalgamated Film Exchange, and the manager was asked to advertise that he received the films from this Portland based company. Instead of mentioning it in a regular advertisement the manager at the time, A, L. Midgley, decided to put the entire letter in several March publications of the local newspaper. The Amalgamated Film Exchange boasted that they had films “approved by the board of censors.” If a theater was found to be showing unapproved films, or the uncensored versions of films, it could be fined.

New films at the Bijou, 1910
Medford Mail Tribune, Mar. 11, 1910, p. 4. Historic Oregon Newspapers.


Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of the Bijou theater location, 1911
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of the Bijou theater location. Digital Sanborn Maps, Medford, Oregon, 1911, Sheet 15.


Renovation planned for the Bijou, 1910
Medford Mail Tribune, June 26, 1910, 5. Historic Oregon Newspapers.


Bijou theater closes, 1910
Medford Mail Tribune, July 26, 1910, p. 3. Historic Oregon Newspapers. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Fluhart proved to be a scoundrel, and he failed to do his promised renovations. He skipped town in July 1910, leaving the Bijou "a dark place on theatre row." The Medford Mail Tribune soon started running rental ads for the theater space. 

By August an ad appeared for The Passion Play along with a musical program at the Bijou, but that was the last mention of the Bijou in the local paper.

Ad for a possibly reopened Bijou, 1910
Re-opened Bijou? Medford Mail Tribune, Aug. 21, 1910, p. 5. Historic Oregon Newspapers.