Known Years of Operation

Oct 11, 1907 - Jan 1, 1909

Number of Seats



R. E. Smith, Frank Neugebauer, Charles Perkins, N. T. Manela, L. A. Peppers

The Dime Theater first opened up on North Main street on October 11th, 1907. It was around for a bit over a year causing it to exist all the way into 1909. Along with many other theaters, it had opened up on a street named Main Street. There were multiple times in which the managers for the theater had switched around. Charles Perkins, one of the managers, had decided to continue opening up theaters and moved away to Washington, causing N. T. Manela and L. A. Peppers to take over the theater. One of the most common things that the theater had done at the beginning to gain attraction was giveaways. In these giveaways, they would be giving out silverware sets from a local business. When this did not work as well they changed it around and started to give out jewelry and watches. After some time, they had realized that it was probably best to focus on their films, and decided to change around their plan of action. Instead of giving out prizes and items, they started to expand more on the theatrical part of using the theater. 

Along with showing films they would also have performances that would occur at the theater. For example, they would have performances by extremely strong people, musical performances, and even performances by actors. One of these performances would prove to be a very negative experience for one of the managers of the theater at the time. Frank Neugebauer, a manager of the theater in 1909 was attacked by a councilman. The councilman had attacked him due to him wanting to cancel their performance at the theater. Frank disliked the performance and did not want it shown at his theater, especially since he had a very positive reputation. 

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