Known Years of Operation

May 31, 1908 - Oct 7, 1913

Number of Seats



J.A. Cooper, J.L. Wadsworth, B.F. Nix, George Wolfe, F.P. Stewart

This time in my research I ended up using mainly one engine and then did some of my own research outside of the search engines that were provided. For outside sources I always use .edu, .gov, or .org, as these sites are the most reliable and can normally provide me with the most in depth and trustworthy information. Many of the sources I found just back up the previous research I conducted however I did find a little new information. The main challenges I am facing in this assignment are mainly from the lack of information known about the Dreamland. It would help if I could know the theaters before and after, but also just having more information on the different types of programs that were shown or took place there. However, maybe this information can be provided if we go more in depth into the daily lives of Albany citizens.


I found many programs that I was not able to find before pertaining largely to the Dreamland Theater’s programming allowing me to gain a better grasp on what part the Dreamland Theater played in the lives of the residents of Albany at the time. On the opening night of the theater a tremendous amount of money was spent on interior and exterior updates. This combined with the location and previous notoriety within the city was expected to draw in a large crowd and on opening night they did just that by televising their biggest hit yet, “Forgiven”, a western comedy drama. “Forgiven”, was the first comedy drama to be shown at Dreamland after the reopening and the movie and the theater both seemed to be a hit within the city. A Sister’s Benefit took place at the theater on December 2, 1908, not too long after it had opened. At this event people were invited to watch live performances at Dreamland, in order to raise money for school in the city. I found several advertisements depicting that the theater was also commonly a well known dance hall, and the theater commonly held dances throughout the week to also draw their patrons back into the establishment.

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