Known Years of Operation

Dec 2, 1908 - Dec 1, 1911

Number of Seats



J.J. Bryan
Electric Theatre purchased in 1908
Eugene Morning Register, Dec. 2, 1908, p. 4.

Springfield’s second movie theater opened in late 1908, and moved a few months later to a new building at 320 Main St. The owner/operator was J.J. (Joseph) Bryan, who also ran the Grand and the Bell in Springfield, as well as the AlohaFollySavoy, and Oregon theaters in Eugene. The Eugene Daily Guard newspaper referred to the new theater as a nickelodian [sic], although it is unclear how many seats the theater had and what it charged for admission.

Preparations to open the Electric Theatre, 1909
Eugene Guard, Oct. 2, 1909, p. 6.

Among its promotional strategies, the Electric hosted a beautiful baby contest to attract families to the theater. Bryan also showed fight films, such as the Jack Johnson-Stanley Ketchel boxing match in 1910. Like many theaters at this time, the Electric presented traveling vaudeville shows along with its film programming.

Fight films at the Electric Theatre, 1911
Eugene Guard, Jan. 10, 1911, p. 8.
Baby contest at the Electric Theatre, 1909
Eugene Daily Guard, Dec. 21, 1909, p. 2. Google News. 
Program at the Electric Theatre, 1910
Eugene Guard, Sept. 2, 1910, p. 8.
Vaudeville at the Electric Theatre, 1911
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