Known Years of Operation

Aug 13, 1915 - Sep 30, 1915

Number of Seats



E.G. Kay, Mr. Cook

Additional Facts

  • Formerly the IT theater

Rather than extensive advertisements disguised as newspaper articles, the Empire published their programs with short, one-phrase descriptions to pique the community’s interest.

The Empire theater often took out double-wide advertisement spaces within the Medford Mail Tribune, notably dividing them into two ads in which they were able to include the theatre’s name twice in bold for maximum exposure.

Because of the extremely short life of this theatre, there is very little variation in the appearance and content of the advertisements placed in newspapers. The theatre was open for about a month and followed a straightforward template for their advertisements, as shown at right.

Empire theater opens, 1915
Medford Mail Tribune, Aug. 13, 1915, p. 4. Historic Oregon Newspapers.
Empire theater ad, 1915
Medford Mail Tribune, Aug. 14, 1915, 4. Historic Oregon Newspapers.

Works Cited

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