Known Years of Operation

Sep 12, 1925 - Jun 1, 1926

Number of Seats



George B. Guthrie, Archie Holt, Calvin Heilig, Charles McKee, William Pangle, Salem Amusement Company

Additional Facts

  • Formerly the Grand theater

The Heilig theater opened in September 1925 in the space formerly occupied by the Grand theater. Northwest theater entrepreneur Calvin Heilig took over ownership from the previous owner and placed Archie Holt, of the Pine Tree theater, as manager. After remodeling, the theater had 850 seats (1).

Within less than a year, however, George Guthrie resumed ownership of the theater. Guthrie also owned the Elsinore at that time.

Ownership of the new Heilig theater
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Heilig theater opens, 1925
The Heilig theater opens in Salem. Statesman Journal, Sept. 12, 1925, p. 8.
Ownership change at the Heilig, 1926
The Daily Capitol Journal, June 1, 1926, p. 1.


While in operation the Heilig theater mainly featured vaudeville, films, live music, and theater performances. The newspaper advertisements packed a lot of information about the program, ticket prices, and special promotions. The ad at right provides a list of different ticket prices, but doesn't specify why they are different. The ad below promotes a program appealing to children, with an afternoon screening "commencing immediately after school" and special lower prices for "kiddies."

Ad directed at children, 1926
Capitol Journal, Jan. 13, 1926, p. 6.


Program ad for the Heilig, 1925
Not a motion picture! Daily Capitol Journal, Oct. 6, 1925.


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