Known Years of Operation

Apr 8, 1906 - Dec 31, 1908

Number of Seats



Calvin S. Heilig (Lessee), W.T. Pangle (Manager)

Additional Facts

  • Formerly the Belasco, and the Columbia Theater before that
  • Its neighboring building is now the Crystal Ballroom

On March 26th of 1906, Calvin S. Heilig signed a 5-year lease for the Belasco Theater which he later renamed, by suggestion of friends, and opened as the Heilig Theater on April 8th, 1906. Calvin S. Heilig previously owned the Marquam Theater which didn't offer Sunday performances, something that Mr. Heilig says was often the only day people could make it out to a theater. The Belasco on the other hand did offer big Sunday performances, which created strong competition. Mr. Belasco was excited at the prospect of the Sunday shows.

The opening show at the Heilig was "The Heir to the Hurrah" as reported in the Morning Oregonian on March 27th, 1906. The Heilig seated more downstairs than Mr. Heilig’s previous venue the Marquam and primarily offered theatrical performances, but according to advertisements taken out in The Oregon Daily Journal on October 7th, 1906 also screened some films. With prices ranging from 25 cents to $2.50 depending on the performance, seat, day and time.

The Heilig was located at the NW corner of Washington St. and 14th Avenue which was previously the Belasco, and the Columbia before that. Bothe of the previous theaters has short lifespans. Its neighboring building, sharing 14th Avenue, with Hotel Danmoore which also opened in 1906 and is now the Crystal Ballroom

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