Known Years of Operation

Mar 3, 1927 - May 26, 1971

Number of Seats



John Williamson, Al Krause

The Hollywood theater opened in north Salem in March 1927. The building also contained apartments. A special four-page "Hollywood Theatre Section" of the local Oregon Statesman newspaper provided a lengthy description of the theater's construction and architectural features, the owner and manager, and much more laudatory boosterism.

While the seating capacity was only 550, three thousand individuals attended the formal opening. This also shows the anticipation for the theater, and that it was very popular.

Hollywood theater opening event, 1927
Daily Capital Journal, Mar. 4, 1927.


Hollywood theater opens, 1927
Oregon Statesman, Mar. 2, 1927, p. 1.


Here is an average program advertisement for the Hollywood theater. It includes the name of the theater, prices, and the name of the program.

The Hollywood theater had a unique logo. The style of the name was similar to that of the Hollywood sign, which is a smart stylistic choice. It not only makes the theater standout, but it also connects it to the allure of California. The fascination with celebrities and fame.

The theater continued to operate for forty years until it was demolished in 1971 (1). 

Ad for the Hollywood theater, 1927
Daily Capital Journal, Mar. 18, 1927.


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