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Sep 14, 1918 - Dec 31, 1941

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Frank Hirsch
Image credit: Eastman, Jervie Henry. In Burns, Oregon. University of California, Davis. General Library. Dept. of Special Collections, 1941.,

The Liberty Theater was a venue which showed films from Paramount Pictures and Artcraft Pictures, an affiliate of Paramount.  It was located next to Reed Bros. drug store.  To the right, you can see a typical advertisement taken out by The Liberty's management.  The Liberty showed movies such as The Judgement House directed by J. Stuart Blackton.  This movie was a combination war-drama and murder mystery released by Paramount Pictures.  A different offering showed at the theater was a now lost film directed by Elsie Ferguson named “A Doll’s House”.  This silent drama was released June 2nd, 1918 and had a runtime of five reels.  The Liberty’s main advertisement strategy came in its presence in The Times-Herald, a newspaper for Harney County.  In it, the Liberty would take out large ads for their motion picture offerings.  Within these advertisement for coming attractions, they would put information that was more vague than we have today about the scheduled showtimes, such as “…An effort will be made to hold a matinee in the afternoon as well as two shows at night…”1.  The Liberty would also bring familiarity to their venue by holding events in the building.  One such event was for the 1924 Armistice Day proceedings held by the American Legion, as the newspaper clipping below shows.

The Times-herald., November 01, 1924, Image 1
"American Theater to Observe Armistice Day," Times-Herald, November 01, 1924: 1.
The Times-Herald (Burns, Oregon) 17 May 1919, Sat
Liberty Theater, advertisement, Times-Herald, 17 May 1919.


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