Known Years of Operation

Mar 25, 1915 - Dec 31, 1916

Number of Seats



Mr. Lawrence, Mrs. Lawrence

Additional Facts

  • Ticket prices were 5 and 10 cents for a regular show
  • Tickets were priced between 10 and 20 cents for special programs
  • Was previously the site of the Star Theatre, but was remodeled into the Lyric in 1915

The Lyric Theatre was managed by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, notable musicians in the town of Ashland at the time. A snippet from the social section of the Ashland Tidings in 1915 shows the couple offering violin and piano lessons at their home studio (1). The theatre was remodeled and outfitted with the latest playhouse amenities including a large stage, raised ceiling, an indirect lighting system, and even a "first-class ventilating system" (2). The Lawrence's put together a six-piece orchestra, and it was known throughout Ashland that the Lyric was the place to be. They showed a variety of motion pictures and hosted local events that garnered to specific audiences. Monday afternoon matinee showings of children's motion picture plays (3) and women's auxiliary nights (2) are just a couple of examples.

The Lyric was apparently not concerned with showing topical films (4), perhaps as if they expected it would earn a decent profit despite causing controversy. Other programming included popular, spectacle-oriented films with big budgets (5) and live musical performances (6). 

During the summer of 1915, the Lyric flourished not only due to its ventilation, but also because they quickly became known for their cheap prices and extraordinary flicks. They partnered with Mutual Masterpictures in order to "represent the highest achievement in Motion Pictures." These programs included films such as "The Quest", advertised as a large-budget masterpiece worth 50 cents. The theatre, of course, rather only charged 10 and 15 cents. (7)

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