Known Years of Operation

Sep 23, 1910 - Oct 10, 1912

Number of Seats



J.D. Heard, William S. Aiken

The Nat boasted a family friendly program and of moving pictures and vaudeville performances. Admission was 10 cents.

The “Nat” theater was an attraction in the local Natatorium which included a swimming pool, billiard hall, bowling alley, auditorium/dance hall. The Natatorium was the pride of Medford; promoters called it "the Coney Island of the West." The Natatorium opened in July 1910 and theater opened a few months later in September (1).

Natatorium ad, 1911
Medford Mail Tribune, Sept. 7, 1911, p. 11. Historic Oregon Newspapers.
Natatorium exterior, date unknown
A postcard of the Natatorium, date unknown.

According to an article in the Medford Sun, the theater burned down sometime in October 1912. The Natatorium ownership had plans to spend $20,000-25,000 to rebuild the theater into "an up-to-date theater" that would re-open in 1913 (2). However, no mentions of the theater ever appeared again in the local newspapers.

Program advertisement for the Nat, 1911
This advertisement not only includes the titles of the films shown, but also the genres. Medford Mail Tribune, February 16, 1911. Historic Oregon Newspapers.


Program at the Nat theater, 1910
Medford Mail TribuneOct. 19, 1910, p. 4. Historic Oregon Newspapers.


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