Known Years of Operation

Jan 1, 1900 - Jan 1, 1916

Number of Seats



W.F. Matlock, The Matlock Family

Additional Facts

  • The property is currently undergoing restoration efforts by the Rivoli Restoration Coalition. They aim to restore the theatre, and were scheduled to finish construction in 2020. However, this date was pushed ahead due to the Covid-19 global pandemic.
  • The Pastime was renowned for its cut-prices, charging adults $0.10 and children under ten years $0.05 per showing. These prices didn't change for the entirety of the Pastime's existence.

The property in which the Pastime Theatre resided holds a vigorous past. Initially constructed as a single story building in 1897-1900, the property itself housed four different storefronts. W.F. Matlock was the sole proprietor of the theatre, although his family has ties as well, converting one of the storefronts into the Pastime Theatre in 1900. The Pastime Theatre stood for nearly two decades until it was converted into the Arcade Theatre following a remodel of the property. The Matlock family had owned the entire property by 1921, performing a costly $110,000 remodel to build a second floor and establish what ultimately became the property's crown jewel and most notable theatre to this day, the Rivoli. 


The Pastime Theatre was quite the popular nickelodeon, so much so it received daily advertisements in the Daily East Oregonian paper. A large portion of these advertisements didn't typically include the theatre's showings, instead highlighting the theatre's amenities and the next door French restaurant. However others did, proclaiming the Pastime's superiority over the neighboring theatres and the evening's showings. W.F. Matlock understood the need to diversify from similar businesses, and he did so through his proclamation that the Pastime showed more moving pictures than any other theatre in Pendleton at the time. W.F. Matlock's knack for an advertisement was also reflected in his eagerness for promotions, even giving away a gold watch to a lucky theatre-goer. 


The theatre itself was fairly small, given it occupied a single unit within a four unit property. Yet it made the ideal location for a Nickelodeon, and W.F. Matlock's continual upkeep created a nice, family friendly environment. 


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