Known Years of Operation

Sep 1, 1920 - Dec 1, 1932

Number of Seats



George E. Rolfe

Additional Facts

  • Formerly the Rolfe--the new name was chosen from a promotional competition in 1920
  • Re-opened in February 1933 as the Granada
Rameseum theater news item, 1920
Albany Daily-Democrat, Sept. 1, 1920.

The Rameseum theater began its life officially in September 1920, the result of a promotion by owner/manager George Rolfe to change the theater's name from the eponymous Rolfe. A mere five people submitted names--all of which had to start with the letter "R" and be fitting with the theater's new Egyptian-themed remodel.


Rolfe theater advertisement, 1920
Albany Daily Democrat, Aug. 14, 1920, p. 5.


The Rameseum featured very popular “moving pictures” including pictures featuring starts like Mary Pickford, with a multitude of genres from Western, to slapstick, to romance. And in its final days in November 1932, wrestling.

Rameseum theater ad, 1920
Albany Daily Democrat, Sept. 8, 1920.





Rameseum theater ad, 1932
Albany Democrat-Herald, Nov. 18, 1932, p. 6


Sanborn Map of Rameseum theater location, 1925
Location of the Rameseum theater at 219 W. 1st St., Albany, Oregon, 1925. Digital Sanborn Maps, Albany, Oregon, 1925, Sheet 4.