Known Years of Operation

Aug 13, 1912 - May 3, 1917

Number of Seats



T.M. Riley, H.L. Hall

    Savoy Theater was a big part of Central Point, mostly due to the entertainment that it provided as well as acting as a communal space for the local high school and church groups. It's mentioned in a local newspaper that it would be host to group members of the Methodist church and had a separate advertisement for the high schools Glee club that would be performing. But besides being a community gathering location, it would still function as a theater that provided entertainment. It had everything from comedy shows, to the best and newest plays such as the six act showing of, "Graustark". One particular way that they would provide promotion was to introduce weekly programs to allow town members to see what's playing and when, which can be seen below. The most popular days would be the weekends along with Tuesdays and Thursdays. To gain some interest and get the attention of an audience, one promotional strategy that this theater utilized was having a free matinee, to which would surely catch the eye of any newspaper reader. 

Weekly program for Friday and Saturday showings.
Central Point Herald, August, 13, 1914, p4, Historic Oregon Newspapers.
Location of Savoy Theater in comparison to local businesses.
Sanborn Map Company, November 1911, p3, ProQuest Digital Sanborn Maps.

    Most of the research conducted for this theater was found solely in newspaper ads or in mentions within articles talking about the next social or educational gathering. Savoy Theatre was also in a very busy part of town, as it was near a lot of the major businesses, available to see with the included image of its location above. Because Central Point was not as known, Savoy Theater was among the many theaters in Oregon to be rediscovered. Most likely at the center of amusement for those in residence at Central Point. Since a lot of the advertisements for Savoy Theatre included many promotion strategies such as free matinees, the theater was most likely aiming at families who wanted to enjoy movie-going experiences without the stress of paying for entire families. Those who also enjoyed a new form of entertainment and in a range of various plays were assumably a part of the audience as well.

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