Known Years of Operation

Aug 29, 1908 - Nov 27, 1908

Number of Seats



F.P. Stewart, I.A. Stewart

A moving picture house. They charged 5 cents ($1.25 in 2018) for ‘good’ programming while Dreamland (right next door) charged 10 cents for ‘full’ programs that were more popular and better quality.

They promoted the fact that they had a unique aesthetic with local art used as decor. As well as the fact that the audience could pay half the price to view a program that was still enjoyable and entertaining.

The opening of the new Wonderland theater meant that citizens had a choice between a ‘good’ program that was only 5 cents or a ‘full’ program at the Dreamland that would cost them double the price. These theaters were located right next door to one another.

A brief article in the Albany Democrat reported that the Wonderland's opening night  was successful and many people attended.

Dreamland theater news item, 1908
Albany Democrat, Sept. 4, 1908.
Prices at the Wonderland, 1908
Albany Democrat, Oct. 2, 1908.


This article is example of a program that was going to be shown at the Dreamland Theatre. The event of a talking and singing Actophone would only be available for two nights.

The Wonderland also had live theater performances.

This article expresses the creative element that would be available when visiting the Wonderland Theatre. A local artist had created many paintings to add special effects and created a unique atmosphere at Wonderland.

Decor at the Wonderland, 1908
Albany Democrat, Aug. 28, 1908.

The theater was "dismantled" in November 1908, according to a small news item in the local newspaper. 

Wonderland closes, 1908
Albany Democrat, Nov. 27, 1908.


Actophone at the Wonderland theater, 1908
Albany Democrat, Nov. 20, 1908.
Live theater at the Wonderland, 1908
Albany Democrat, Oct. 23, 1908, p. 1.