Known Years of Operation

Jan 1, 1909 - Dec 31, 1912

Number of Seats

a few hundred


Manger Johnson, Star Management

Additional Facts

  • The Fire Insurance Image is for the city of Roseburg and is split into different sections and is classified by the material used in each building. For example, Star theater is labelled red for a brick building.
  • The zoomed in image of the star theater on a map shows it location which in 1912 was on the corner of north Jackson and west Oak street.
  • The Evening News Clip of a $25,000 purchase of a vacant 80x100 ft lot that was adjacent to the Star Theater and this was published in late march of 1910.
  • The Evening News Boxing Motion picture clip is a marketing ploy to promote a boxing film that is scheduled to be shows at the Star theater.
  • The Mangers' image is from the Evenings News as well and is dated April 9, 1910 and mentions the last name of the manager of Star Theater which was Johnson.
  • The number of seats image from the Evening News shows that the Star theater is welcoming hundreds of guests for the feature motion picture film that they are showing.

Star Theater opened in 1908 and originally was a theatre that hosted musicians, comedians, and other performers.  Star Management transitioned into motion pictures by 1910 as evident by the Evening News articles from the time.  The Star theater placed ads in the local newspaper which was the Evening News with marketing tactics like a boxing film to get men to spend their hard-earned money on a motion picture film after work instead of something else.  Star Theater has not been limited to motion pictures and their use was in addition to other activities that they had at the theater.   


Evening News, January 14,1910,

The Star Theater

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