Blog Post #1

The Star Theater was located in Roseburg and was in operation for a little over two years from 1908-to 1910.  The first image is from The Evening News and was published in 1910, it contains an article about the buying of a vacant lot that was adjacent to the star theater among other establishments like offices and grocery stores.  The business that bought the vacant lot paid $25,000 for that portion and in today's money that is $756,000.  This image seemed to be in the interest of the person who bought the vacant bought and their theater name was mentioned as almost “free press”. The value of the half of the space says a lot

This next image is from the Evening News out of Roseburg and is discussing the showing of a boxing film.  This ad is from 1910 and I believe it was published to target men in the area because they give a warning at the end to be cautious of the crowd that is attending the film because they will most likely be heavily intoxicated.  The thinking behind running this ad was to get mostly men who enjoyed drinking to go and spend some of their hard-earned money after work in a place away from their families or responsibilities.  The age demographic is any man who was legally allowed to drink and the innovative part of the film according to the ad was the accuracy and authenticity of the fight in the film which in 1910 was an incentivizing way to get people to come to Star theater instead of other competitors in the city of Roseburg at that time.