Known Years of Operation

Jan 27, 1908 - Jan 9, 1909

Number of Seats



E.R. Mummey, S.M. Minturn, L. Brigham Percival, Eric. T. Kleppin, C.C. Crow, Florence E. Crow, G.E. Crow, Mr. Inman

Additional Facts

  • Formerly the Little Gem, became the Lyric

The Orpheum opened at the beginning of 1908 in a storefront space formerly occupied by the Little Gem theater. The new owners planned to feature primarily "first-class vaudeville" and moving pictures. However, within a few months they adjusted their programming to focus more on movies, apparently because of patron demand. 

Orpheum opens, 1908
Morning Register, Jan. 7, 1908, p. 5.
Change in programming at the Orpheum, 1908
Morning Register, Apr. 26, 1908, p. 13. [continued below]
Program changes (continued), 1908
(cont'd) Morning Register, Apr. 26, 1908, p. 13.

Creating a distinctive brand would have been important for the Orpheum, which joined a crowded entertainment scene in Eugene in 1908. Several other venues were already in operation at that time: the Grand, the Electric, the Dreamland, the Nickelodian, and the Eugene Theatre.

Orpheum opens, 1908
Morning Register, Jan. 26, 1908, p. 11.


Ads for the Orpheum indicate a variety of programming, including vaudeville, motion pictures, illustrated songs, and live music. Admission was usually 10 cents for adults, 5 cents for children, although prices ticked up after a management change in early 1909.

A good laugh at the Orpheum, 1908
Morning Register, May 3, 1908, p. 2.
Program at the Orpheum, 1909
Morning Register, Jan. 6, 1909, p. 3.


Ad for the Orpheum, 1908
Morning Register, Sept. 28, 1908, p. 6.

After changing hands numerous times during its year of operation, the Orpheum was sold in late December 1908, and re-opened in the new year as the Lyric.