Known Years of Operation

May 25, 1912 - Jun 30, 1927

Number of Seats



F.A. Greulich, Mrs. T.N. Murphy, B.M. Sherwood, Harry Gordon Trull

Additional Facts

  • Formerly the Isis theater
  • Became the Colonial

The building was constructed around 1910. Originally, the building included three storefronts on the first floor, a gym at the rear of the first floor and a second floor club room for the Moose Lodge. In 1912, the ground floor tenant spaces were remodeled as the building was to house a movie theatre known as The Isis theater. That same year, in May, the Isis was renamed “Sherry’s”, while retaining its manager, B.M. Sherwood. In 1927 it was purchased and re-named the Colonial.

Built for opera, vaudeville, and theatrical performances, the theatre was composed for large scale premiers. There are loge seats (box seats) for the elite customers willing to pay 20 cents rather than 10 cents for typical admission.

Ad for Sherry's theater, 1912
La Grande Evening Observer, June 14, 1912, p. 5. 

Call Of The Wild (1923): Call of the Wild, a film adapted off the famous book about Buck, a dog that goes from being domestically loved to poorly treated as a sled dog. The film received wild reviews afterwards as well as intervals of claps throughout the picture. It showed Friday, March 1924 at Sherry’s Theatre.

The Virginian (1923): This is a wild one. Not only did it receive great reviews in theatres, the stories about what happened during production are rather exciting: Kenneth Harlan (actor), accidentally shot himself in the leg during a duel scene. Florence Vidor as “Molly Wood” fell off her stage coach after a horse had an accident. Once the news got out of the hectic filming of the film, it was a must watch for moviegoers in La Grande.

Consistently described as the House of Comfort

Power words used often like: Exclusive, Quality Pictures Only, Foremost Stars of Screen And Stage

Charlie Chaplin at Sherry's theater, 1917
La Grande Evening Observer, Mar. 30, 1917, p. 5.