Known Years of Operation

Nov 9, 1910 - Mar 8, 1913

Number of Seats



W.C. Perkins, L.C. Johnson, Ross Kline, Harry H. Hicks

Additional Facts

  • Became the IT theater in 1913, later the Empire in 1915

The U-GO was located on W. Main St. in Medford, Oregon, the same location for the IT (opened in 1913) and the Empire (opened in 1915).

W.C. Perkins, sold to L.C. Johnson of Lead, South Dakota in April of 1911 upon Perkins’ retirement. As of February 9, 1913, Ross Kline and Harry H. Hicks became the sole owners of the theater.

During the week of February 28, 1913, “a citizen of Medford, who does not wish his identity disclosed” bought out the entire Saturday matinee show so that children under 15 could see the 2-reel show for free.

When Ross Kline and Harry H. Hicks became the sole owners of the theatre on February 9, 1913, they claimed in a newspaper ad that “It will be our policy to run nothing but first run licensed films, four changes a week, four reels at each performance, and nothing but the best films in the moving picture world. Our pledge to the public: ‘No phony actors or actorines will get by’.”

In a unique promotional advertisement appearing in the Medford Mail Tribune, the U-Go Theatre management writes, “WATCH YOUR TICKET NUMBERS. Every number ending with O, entitles you to a free ticket to a later performance. Get the tenth ticket and draw a free one.”

U-GO theater ad, 1910
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Ownership ad for the U-GO, 1913
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Bring out the kiddies to the U-GO, 1913
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