Known Years of Operation

Jan 28, 1910 - May 12, 1912

Number of Seats



B.M. Sherwood

In some of the first newspaper advertisements, the Isis theatre began advertising for a program, Vanity Fair, which was three reels long and played for only two days. The theatre also promoted the fact that it had live music from Charles King (music director) as well as an “extraordinary solo” to go with the program. Starting in February, the Isis started promoting that they would carry four reels, or “4000 feet of the best film made.”

Beside each film that was listed, they named the company that had created the film. With every showing, the Isis always had an illustrated song to go with the programming. The Isis did try to get involved in the community by holding a showing for the boys of La Grande. Multiple ads were put in the newspaper to promote this showing. The Isis was only around for two years, and near the end of its two years, it moved locations and let readers know that it would be changing names. The Isis theater became Sherry’s theater, owned by B.M Sherwood still.

First advertisement for the Isis theater, 1910
First ad for the Isis theater. La Grande Evening Observer, Jan. 28, 1910, p. 5. Historic Oregon Newspapers.


Program at the Isis theater, 1912
La Grande Evening Observer, Mar. 25, 1912, p. 5. Historic Oregon Newspapers.


Free show for boys at the Isis theater, 1911
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