Construction, design, and features of theaters

Ashland's Chautauqua Building

Ashland has been the unexpected host of theater festivals and gatherings for decades in Oregon. A small town in southern Oregon that’s almost to the edge of California, it may not seem to have much to offer besides a few mom and pop shops and restaurants, but with a little digging one may find the history of its rich festival roots.

The Story Behind Building the Marquam Grand Opera House

In the issue of the Oregon Daily Journal on February 22nd of 1914, the story of P.A. Marquam and his improvement on the Marquam Building from a $500 property to a million dollar building is written.

From Film Prop to Theatre Mascot: The Bagdad Theatre's Pet Camel

When the Bagdad Theatre opened on January 14th, 1927 in the Hawthorne District audiences were drawn to the theater by bright lights, live music, and street dancers. But, the most remarkable attraction to the theater was a life-sized camel prop that would have been in the entrance to the theater. Before the theater opened Carl Laemmle, the president of Universal Pictures Corporation, sent the camel to be used as the mascot for the theater.

Columbia Theater - For the People

Precautions and Prestige

Unfortunately the movie business was not always the safest or the most secure by any means in the early days of exhibition. Portland was by no means an exception to this trend and as time went on, it didn't take long for entrepreneurs to take preventative measures.

Alta Theater & Water Fountains

The Alta theater was located in Pendleton, Oregon. The theater was opened on September 6, 1913, and was made to accommodate the needs of viewers in response to those lacking said needs. It came equipped with extra space in the back so that late-comers would not be crowded together and a large number of people could sit comfortably and maneuver the theater with ease. The owner of the venue, C.E. Oliphant, was a civil engineer who had previously owned a successful theater and seemed to know the ins and outs of the business.