Reopening of Dreamland

On Tuesday, October 12, 1909, the Dreamland Theater was under the new management of J.A. Cooper and his brother Ross. In order to establish the theater, make it well known amongst the people again, and also have it live up to its name. The brothers decided to host a large event that would draw people back into the theater and showcase its new found extravagance, while also bringing a piece of Southern California to Salem, Oregon. The Dreamland grand opening would feature the amusement of $500 in choice flora and botany, beautiful garden scene mazes and scenery that would transport you to the dreamland of sunny California. Due to the unfortunate closing of the theater, the new management wanted to ensure that the patrons were happy with the interior, so they took the time to update it to the audience's standards. A promise was also made to the audience that there will only be first class shows at his theater, because after years of running a business like this he understands his people, their mind, intelligence, and what they would be interested in watching. The brothers offered a variety of genres such as comedy, drama, and scenic pictures, with more than enough showings to please the masses. To add even more icing on the cake the theater has a contract with the singer Mrs. Hallie Parish Hinges, to sing for 20 weeks under contract, vocals, solos, and more, ensuring the to keep attendees busy, happy, dancing, and having a great time. Each of these features alone should ensure not only a great turn out, but a great time, so why not come to an event with all of the best updates, events, and entertainment. This was not Cooper’s first rodeo with the town, he knew these people and this city very well, which is why he ensured he was able to deliver. Dreamland was not always a Dreamland, but with J.A. Cooper and his brother it could be.

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